"Dance is the art that moves the human soul the most."

“The Oriental dance for me is an approach to live, is “joy de vivre”, is my inner most heart. In and with my dancing I express my most personal feelings and emotions. It is wonderful and an honor to be able to touch people with my dancing.”

Music and rhythm have always been part of Amira’s life. At the age of 13 she had her first successful public appearance as a singer in a music competition. Later she was for many years front singer in a Rock-Cover-Band. The first time she came in touch with Oriental Dance was in Damascus in 1996 and it soon turned into a passion. The Arabic culture as well as music and dance became an indispensable part of her life. She has, on account of her numerous visits to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and India, developed a profound understanding for the interpretation of this music.

Since 2010,Amira is engaged with Tribal Fusion Dance in all its versatility.Since then she improves her skills intensely.She loves this dance style because of its freedom when it comes to the choice of songs and music. Her Fusion Style incorporates movements from Indian Temple Dance,Hip Hop and contemporary dance.

Amira is most appreciated for her liveliness and animation as well as for her interaction with her audience. Her deep understanding of oriental music and its rhythm often encourage her to improvise in her own approach and style, rich in emotion and expressiveness.
Amira has wide national as well as international experience on stage and with performances in general.
Her dance education she mainly received from the Oriental Dancer and Lecturer Gitana, the teacher of her heart, an outstanding artist and one of the first Oriental Dancers in the Saarland. Amira constantly enriched and added to her education by taking classes with Maral(D/SYRIA), BDSS Petite Jamilla(US), BDSS Sonia(US), Sophia Chariarse(D), Leyla Jouvana(D), Sadie(US), BDSS Moria Chapell(US), BDSS Kami Liddle(US), BDSS Sabah(US), Master Percussionist Issam Houshan(US), April Rose(US) and others.

Currently, her dance is inspired by the world-renowned Petite Jamilla, with whom she is frequently working on her improvement and perfection. Working with Petite Jamilla has deeply touched Amira, both personally and professionally.