My Dates


January 20-22 2017,Amira is thrilled to perform at the East Coast Classic Bellydance Festival in Williamsburgh/Virginia,USA at the Friday Gala Show

May 19-21, WS and Show in St.Gallen/Switzerland at "Fusion Finesse with Kami Liddle/USA",presented by the lovely Amanda Pittoreska

august 24-28 2017,Caravanseray Vienna,presented by Nakari TBA soon!!

october 14/15, Show in Edinburgh/Scotland,starring Moria Chappell/USA,at Dabke Fusion Event-presented by the lovely Tigerlily

november 18, Show in Zweibrucken/Germany at "Fantasy oriental Dance Show" presented by the lovely Elmira

stay tuned!!!!


14th february 2016 Performance(Solo and Troupe Member) at the "Urban Jungle Show" in Zurich/CH,presented by ZEOT Zurich,Artistic Director:Anasma/F

19th march 2016 Performance in St.Gallen/CH,Show with Samantha Emanuel/UK,presented by the lovely Amanda Pittoreska

august 24-28 2016 Amira for the second time in Vienna for Caravanseray Festival! presented by the lovely NAKARI(Michaela Hamajova&Doro Altenburger),starring Samantha Emanuel(UK/F)

august 31-4th of september:Amira in Paris,Intensive&Show at Gates to Fusion,presented by my lovely teacher and Mentor Anasma(F) and Linda Faoro(F),starring Piny Orchidaceae(Portugal),Arnaldo Iasorli(Spain) and Romuald Brizolier(F)

september 29-october 2,Amira for WS&Show in Leuven/Belgium,at TribaLeuven,hosted by Lotte Lies, with Anasma(F),Tjarda van Straaten(NL),Marco Menezes(Portugal)and Hilde Cannoodt(UK)

october 14-16,Show in Edinburgh/Scotland at Dabke Fusion Festival,presented by my lovely friend Tigerlily,starring Deb Rubin(USA) and Jaydee Amrita(UK)

stay tuned and hope to see you on the road!!


13-15 march 2015 , thrilled to be a member of the Judging Team for the Competition at TribaLX Festival in Lisbon/P!! Master teachers of the Festival: Anasma(US/F)&Ariellah(US),Cris Aysel(P),Piny Orchidaceae(P),Silvia Orchidaceae(P),Sofia Franco(P) Meher Malik(I),Judite Dilshad(P)and more

2 may 2015: Performance at "Gates to Fusion" Studioshowcase in Paris/F,workshop intensive presented by the lovely Anasma(US/F) and Linda Faoro(F/I)

23.-25 may 2015 Performance at Tribal Remix Festival in Brighton/UK,"Tribal Cafe Showcase" presented by Hilde Cannoodt with Jill Parker(US),Josefine Wandel(D),Piny Orchidaceae(P),Darkstar(UK),Philippa Moirai(SA/UK), Charlotte Wassell(UK),and the lovely Hilde of course!

20/21 june 2015:Performance at Kamatala Festival in Devon/UK,presented by Jaydee Amritah with BDSS Moria Chappell(US),Tigerlily(UK),Jaydee Amritah(UK),Philippa Moirai(SA/UK),Helia Bandeh and more

august 29 2015 performance at Caravanseray Festival in Vienna,presented by the lovely Michaela&Doro from Nakari with Lamia Barbara(IT),Karolina Lux(USA),Alexis Southall(UK)

september 5 2015 performance at "Special Gates to Fusion Intensive"in Paris/F,presented by the lovely Anasma(USA/F) and Linda Faoro(USA/I) with Piny Orchidaceae(P) and Tjarda Van Straten(NL)

october 4,2015 performance at Tribal Leuven Hafla in Leuven/Belgium,presented by Lotte Lies with Violet Scrap(I) Marco Menezes(P) and Hilde Canoodt(UK/B)


07.march 2014 Performance at TribaLX Fest in Lisbon/Portugal,presented by Silvia Vasconcelos, Show with Mardi Love,Alexis Southall,Elizabeth Strong

02.-05.may 2014:Performance at Tribal Remix Festival in Brighton/UK,presented by the lovely Hilde Cannoodt with Anasma(USA/F),Sera Solstice(NY/USA),Violet Scrap(I),Rustiqua(SLO),Idhun(Spain),Doriana Rossi(Spain)

19.07.2014 performance in Cologne/Germany at the "Gates to Fusion" Show,with Anamsa-US/F and Linda Faoro-US/F,presented by Apsara Habiba,

13.09.2014 performance at Fusion Dance Lab Show,presented by Shaddai/Augsburg,Germany,with Rustiqua/SK!!

24-26.10.2014 Performance at VLC Tribalfest in Valencia/Spain,presented by the lovely Dorianna Rossi/ES!with Anasma-US/F and Violet Scrap/I

06.12.2014 performance at TribaLeuven in Leuven/Belgium,presented by Lotte Liese,with Hilde Cannoodt-UK/B and Alexis Southall/UK more infos soon!!

stay tuned....

2013 16.03.2013 Performance in Wolverhampton/UK Show with BDSS April Rose(USA)hosted by the lovely and outstanding Alexis Southall

09./10.november 2013 Performance in Hamburg/Germany,Show with BDSS Kami Liddle(San Francisco/USA),presnted by Beatrice Grewer,

30.november 2014 :Performance at 21.Oriental Festival of Europe in Duisburg/Germany,presented by the lovely Leyla Jouvana


17.3.2012 Performance at "World of Orient Festival" in Hannover/Germany,presented by Asmahan Stage Appearance TBA!!

May 2012:Amira is heading to USA! Alabama,California,Illinois,working with various artists as Petite Jamilla,Sabah,Edenia,Kami Liddle just to name a view..stay tuned!

10.11.2012 Performance in Berlin! at "Bazar Oriental Festival" presented bei Nabila Sabha!

01.12.2012 Performance in Duisburg/Germany at Oriental Festival of Europe presented by Leyla Jouvana!

08.12.2012 Performance in Dusseldorf/Germany at the legendary x-mas Hafla presented by Manis


12.3.2011 Performance at "World of Orient Show"in Hannover/Germany,Open Stage (Showtime 11.45 AM),presented by

19.03.2011 Performance at "Orientalisches Tanzfestival" Afternoon Gala Show, in Stuttgart/Germany -( Show Time 1.30 PM ),presented by Artemis

20.03.2011 Performance with Bongo's Big Band in Goettelborn/Saar,at Werkstatt,Altes Grubengelaende,Stage appearance: 11AM-1PM

30.04.2011 Performance at"3th.Orientalischer Wohlf�hltag" in Sulzbach/Germany presented by Sybille Shams

19.5.2011 Performance at "Model Madness 2011" Show in Saarbr�cken/Germany,Garage Doors open:6 PM Stage Appearance 8 PM

30.6.2011 Performance at Londons Number one Bellydance Show:"Planet Egypt"presented by Anne

6.8.2011 Performance at "Just Because" Hafla & Workshop in Manchester/UK presented by Romy ( Bellydance Bombshells) -Whitworth Riverside Club

8.10.11 Performance at "Extra Oriental" presented by Maral

Showtime: 19.30 O'Clock

Basar: 18.00 O'Clock

Kolpinghaus, Mittelstrasse 3, 66287 Fischbach/Germany Tickets:15 Euro Contact: or 0049-6897-67245

11.-13.11.2011 Performance in Berlin/Germany at "14th International Bazar Oriental Festival",presented by Nabila Sabha

10.12.2011 Performance at X-Mas Hafla presented by Manis /D�sseldorf-Germany 2010

1.5.10 - 7.5.10 Bellydance Superstars Trainingscamp - Chateau Marouatte, France

12.6.10 "Total Oriental" Fachmesse in Nürnberg/Germany, presented by Enussah!
13.00 O'Clock Appearance at Stage

30.10.10 Show: The Magic of Bellydance, Dormagen (D) presented by Aaliyah & Karim

19.9.10 Performance in LONDON/UK The Silk Route Show,at "the Bedford in Balham",presented by "bellyworld"

25.9.10 Performance at "Extra Oriental" presented by Maral

showtime: 19.30 O'Clock

Basar: ab 18.00 O'Clock

Kolpinghaus, Mittelstraße 3, 66287 Fischbach

Tickets: 12 € (without placereservation); box office: 15 €

Contact: or 0049-6897-67245

22. - 24.10.10 Orientmagazin Festival in Fischach/Augsburg (D), open Stage -Stage appearance 3 PM

19.-29.11.2010 18.Orientalisches Tanzfestival presented by Leyla Jouvana&Roland in Duisburg/germany